Get A Handle On Your Golf Game
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If you've always longed to learn the golfing techniques of the pros, consider letting expert golfer Michael Walker of Greenville, SC, show you how. As a Class A PGA professional with more than 38 years of teaching experience, he has the ability to guide you step by step as you advance your skills. With his specially formulated “Get A Handle On Your Game” system and the easy-to-learn tactics, you'll have all the tools you need to improve your game quickly.

With My Common Sense Golf down loadable DVD system, Michael will teach you the essential elements necessary to help you make your shots correctly and consistently. Whether you are just starting out and would like to learn the basics or you're an avid golfer hoping to fine-tune your swing, Michael's system will give you the complete tools “To Get a Handle On your Golf Game.”

Instructional DVDs

Michael has also created an excellent set of golfing instructional DVD which you can down load and watch at your own pace. In simple-to-understand language, these DVD features golfing lessons appropriate for beginners and advanced players alike. Purchase your set today at a special introductory price of $19.95. Click here to buy.

Contact Michael

To start your golfing lessons, contact Michael at 864-380-3501 or email him at You can also visit Michael's website to learn more about his exciting program or if you would like to purchase his instructional DVDs which you can down load for only $19.95. In addition to private lessons, Michael offers group lessons, corporate events, short game assistance, putting lessons, and lessons to help you understand course management.